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Chisholm Middle School Hours 8:05 am - 3:15  pm

Before School Procedures:

Athletic Entrance Opens at 7:35am

Front Entrance Opens at 7:35am 

  • The front door entrance and athletic entrance doors will be open at 7:35am each morning

  • Students may come into the building through either the front entrance or athletic entrance

  • Students who are eating breakfast will go directly to the cafeteria. All other students will go directly to the gym area

  • 7th grade students will go to the Old Gym (Railer East) and wait until the dismissal bell rings 

  • 8th grade students will go to the New Gym (Railer West)

  • Students are not allowed to be in the hallways prior to the dismissal bell, which rings at 7:59am

  • Students are dismissed by team after the 7:59am bell rings to go to their first hour class

7:59 - 7 Gold Dismissed from Gym

8:00 - 7 Black Dismissed from Gym

8:01 - 8 Black Dismissed from Gym

8:02 - 8 Gold Dismissed from Gym


After School Procedures: 

  • Students who walk home or get a ride should leave school grounds immediately after school. Students should not “hang out” on school grounds 

  • Students who ride the bus should wait in designated area in front of the school until buses arrive/leave

  • Student athletes should proceed directly to their practice 

  • Students participating in Railer Power Hour or Connections should go directly to the cafeteria to check in